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Senate Republicans and Democrat Gov. Josh Shapiro found common ground in June and compromised on a bipartisan state budget agreement for the 2023-24 fiscal year. The agreed-to plan included an increase of more than half a billion dollars to fund public education in Pennsylvania. In addition to the substantial funding for public education, the budget deal also acknowledged many students are trapped in failing public schools and included the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success Program (PASS). This program has the potential to help thousands of students have access to increased educational opportunities now. 

Unfortunately, House Democrats pushed back against this bipartisan plan, and in an about face, the governor vetoed the PASS program from the General Appropriations Bill on Aug. 3. At the end of the day, we must move forward and demonstrate divided government is not dysfunctional government, but we cannot forget the students in failing public schools who need the help offered by PASS.

We believe parents have the ultimate responsibility for their children’s education, which also means they need to accept responsibility for their children’s education. Every child deserves a bright future and we will continue to be a strong voice for educational empowerment and supporting the needs of each child across our commonwealth.

Please make your support known for PASS scholarships by signing the petition.

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