Ward: Senate Approves Frozen Dessert Law Update

HARRISBURG – The Senate approved legislation today that rolls back a burdensome monthly testing requirement in the Frozen Dessert Law, Senator Judy Ward (R-30) announced.

Ward sponsored Senate Bill 960 after a business in her district explained how costly, duplicative and outdated the mandate is for frozen dessert licensees, who must test for bacteria in dessert samples each month under the 1965 law. More than 2 million tests have been performed over the last five decades and not one has uncovered an issue, Ward said.

“This bill is long overdue,” said Ward.  “A long time has passed since the Frozen Dessert Law was enacted, and now there are countless federal and state food safety laws and regulations.  It is time we lessen these unnecessary testing burdens from our food manufacturers and small businesses.”

The bill would reduce the testing requirement to once a year, which will be sufficient with current food safety practices and align with restaurant license and inspection requirements under the Retail Food Facility Safety Act.

The legislation will now receive consideration in the House of Representatives.

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