Stefano’s Bill Improving Access to Life-Saving Care Signed into Law

HARRISBURG – Legislation sponsored by Sen. Pat Stefano (R-32) to improve Pennsylvanians’ access to critical, life-saving care was signed into law. Senate Bill 861, now Act 45 of 2022, facilitates the day-to-day movement of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel across state lines in the performance of their duties.

Because of Act 45, Pennsylvania is the 22nd state to join the EMS Compact, which is a legal agreement between states that allows EMS providers to practice in multiple states without having to carry multiple licenses.

“Despite the efforts made legislatively and by EMS providers, the Commonwealth still struggles to recruit and retain enough EMS personnel to appropriately care for Pennsylvanians during their time of need,” said Stefano, the chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. “Joining the Compact enables us to use qualified EMS providers from other states when people need more care than Pennsylvania’s EMS providers can offer.”

Under the EMS Compact, EMS personnel need to be licensed in good standing in a home state as an emergency medical technician (EMT), advanced EMT, a paramedic or a level between EMT and paramedic; be at least 18 years of age; and practice under the supervision of a physician.

Qualified EMS personnel in Compact states have a “Privilege-to-Practice” in other Compact states on a short-term, intermittent basis.

The compact protects the public, increases access to patient care, reduces the administrative burden for EMA personnel and states, and enhances the EMS system in the United States.


CONTACT: Jake Gery

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