Stefano Bills on Nursing Accreditation, Utility Stakeholder Groups, Pass Senate Committee

HARRISBURG – In a meeting today, the Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee voted in favor of two bills sponsored by committee chairman, Sen. Pat Stefano (R-32).

Senate Bill 1251 will make Pennsylvania Nursing Law compliant with federal rules. The law currently only recognizes regionally accredited educational institutions as eligible to offer registered nurse (RN) education programs. Senate Bill 1251 would allow both regionally and nationally accredited schools in Pennsylvania to offer RN programs.

“This small change would open a door and provide major opportunities for more schools to offer nursing programs,” said Stefano. “In light of the ongoing staffing crisis facing health care professionals, educating more nurses is critical. Making these programs more accessible to potential students is a great step in ensuring our health care providers are empowered to best serve our communities.”

The committee also passed Stefano’s Senate Bill 1250, which creates a stakeholder group for each public utility service, including electricity, natural gas, telecommunications and water/wastewater. The groups would then determine which laws, regulations or policy statements related to their industry should be repealed or amended to reduce ratepayer impact and allow the public utility to operate in a more effective, efficient or economical manner.

“Forming each stakeholder group generates discussions to reform the way each utility operates,” said Stefano. “We must continue to look for greater efficiencies to alleviate the financial burden ratepayers face.”

Senate Bill 1250 is part of a package of bills targeting ratepayer relief and reducing utility bills.

Additional bills passed by the committee today include House Bill 109, House Bill 327, House Bill 1490 and House Bill 1818.

Each bill now moves to the full Senate for consideration.


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