Senator Pat Browne Statement on Senate and House Democratic Caucuses’ $3.75 Billion Spending Proposal for Education Programs

“Although we must continue to provide record support to all aspects of our primary and secondary education system, our Democratic colleagues’ proposal, based on current financial projections, far outstrips our current revenue capacity and places our financial position in a multi-billion-dollar deficit when the federal stimulus period is over.  A historic tax increase will be the only means to maintain this commitment in the wake of the massive challenges of a global pandemic, record inflation and labor shortages affecting employers across our Commonwealth.” 

Senate and House Democratic Proposal

  • $1.1 billion added to basic education funding through the fair funding formula
  • $750 million added to basic education funding through the Level Up program, targeting the 200 most underfunded school districts
  • $1.1 billion to remediate toxic school buildings
  • $250 million to recruit and train teachers
  • $125 million to provide mental health support to students
  • $100 million to provide academic support to students


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