Senator Corman Votes to Issue Subpoenas to Continue Election Integrity Investigation

HARRISBURG – Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-34) released the following statement today after supporting the issuance of subpoenas for critical information from the Pennsylvania Department of State as part of the ongoing investigation in the state’s election system:

“I am proud of my colleagues today for joining me in supporting subpoenas to review the management of recent elections. The Senate has clear authority to conduct this review, and it is our responsibility to take the concerns of our constituents seriously and get the answers they seek. I look forward to seeing this investigation continue to move forward in a way that is thoughtful, responsible and legally sound, and I remain confident the process will produce a result that is credible to all eyes.

“When we receive this information from the Department of State, every necessary step will be taken to ensure it is completely secure, including making any vendor personnel sign non-disclosure agreements to make sure the data are protected under penalty of law. We are not going to leave this information vulnerable like the Wolf Administration during their contact tracing data breach earlier this year.

“Chairman Dush deserves credit for handling a difficult situation in today’s committee meeting extremely fairly and ensuring the investigation moves forward based on truth and a clear legislative purpose, not rhetoric and bombast. He answered all questions posed by Senate Democrats openly and honestly, in stark contrast to the Department of State’s refusal to participate whatsoever in the Senate’s efforts to provide transparency and oversight of our election system.”

CONTACT: Jason Thompson

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