Senator Corman Calls on PA State Police to Donate Used Bulletproof Vests to Support Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Workers

HARRISBURG – Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman (R-Bellefonte) made a request to the Pennsylvania State Police today to donate any used bulletproof vests that are no longer in use to emergency workers and aid providers in Ukraine.

Many police departments in Pennsylvania and other states have already begun efforts to donate and ship used vests to Ukraine. Corman’s office contacted the Pennsylvania State Police’s legislative office today to encourage them to support this effort by identifying any protective gear that is no longer of use to them and coordinate the donation of these items for aid workers.

“Innocent people are being injured and killed every day in Ukraine, and the need for aid has never been greater,” Corman said. “Used or expired bulletproof vests would otherwise be discarded or destroyed. It should be a no-brainer to give these items a higher purpose to better protect the incredibly brave individuals who are trying to help Ukrainian citizens in their hour of need.”

The effort to provide used State Police protective items to aid workers grew out of a request from retired Lewistown Borough Chief of Police Jeff Lusk, one of Corman’s constituents.

Lusk outlined a volunteer effort underway in Vermont to collect and ship the vests to Ukraine, and suggested volunteers could also assist in transporting the vests to Vermont. This would minimize the need to spend any Pennsylvania tax dollars on the effort, Corman said.


CONTACT: Jason Thompson

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