Senate Transportation Chair Langerholc Responds to Philly DA’s False Narrative

HARRISBURG – Senate Transportation Committee Chair Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) today issued the following statement in response to Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner filing a lawsuit against a new law designed to crack down on the crime plaguing Philadelphia’s mass transit system:

“It is unfortunate that District Attorney Krasner continues his campaign of disillusionment and falsehood. Act 40 was passed in a strong bipartisan manner and signed by the Governor who was the prior chief law enforcement officer of the state. Quite simply, it is about safety. It provides additional resources to the men and women of law enforcement who have clamored for accountability and safety. 

“Nothing in the bill takes away the ability or jurisdiction of the District Attorney to continue to prosecute. It adds an additional layer of safety analogous to a special task force on crime that should be met with open arms.

“Rather than accept this additional resource, the District Attorney has chosen to cloud and muddy the issue claiming it is about voter suppression or elimination of his position. Nothing can be further from the truth. I would encourage those who have spoken so loudly against this bill to obtain a copy and read its contents. The bill speaks for itself. Stop the inaccurate and inflammatory rhetoric.”

CONTACT: Gwenn Dando

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