Senate Passes Baker’s Bill Extending Megan’s Law Requirements to Human Traffickers for Enhanced Community Safety

HARRISBURG – The Senate passed legislation that would extend Megan’s Law requirements to human traffickers, according to Sen Lisa Baker (R-20).

Senate Bill 1111, sponsored by Baker, would make necessary changes to Megan’s Law to ensure that individuals who are convicted of certain human trafficking offenses are subject to the same reporting and evaluation requirements as any other sexual offender.

“As a continued effort to safeguard our communities, we are amending Megan’s Law to require that individuals convicted of heinous human trafficking offenses are held to the same stringent reporting and evaluation standards as other sexual offenders. By approving this bill, we are bolstering the effectiveness of our law enforcement efforts and enhancing public safety,” Baker said. “Every individual subjected to such reprehensible crimes deserves justice and every community deserves protection from such predators. This measure underscores our unwavering commitment to ensuring that no victim is forgotten and that our neighborhoods remain safe for all.”

The General Assembly made significant strides in efforts to combat human trafficking with the passage of Act 144 of 2022, which added certain human trafficking offenses to Megan’s Law. The changes in Senate Bill 1111 are necessary to ensure that individuals convicted of these offenses, as well as attempt, conspiracy or solicitation to commit those offenses, are subject to the same requirements as other sexual offenders.

The bill is part of the Senate Republican effort to improve community safety across Pennsylvania. It now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.


Cara Laudenslager

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