Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Bartolotta, Hughes Bill to Improve Business Opportunities with State Contracts

HARRISBURG – The Senate State Government Committee held a hearing to consider the impact of Senate Bill 1140, legislation sponsored by Sens. Camera Bartolotta (R-46) and Vincent Hughes. The bill would more competitively position small, diverse and veteran-owned businesses for Commonwealth contracts.

Senate Bill 1140 would set specific goals regarding the representation of small, diverse and veteran-owned businesses. It would also provide education regarding how to do business with state agencies.

“The goal of this legislation is simple – to provide an immediate and meaningful impact by expanding opportunities for these businesses to compete for and be utilized in state contracts. As a small business owner before I became a state senator, I understand how beneficial this bill would be for Pennsylvanians who are trying to become more successful with their businesses,” Bartolotta said. “Rather than primarily awarding state contracts to big companies – which may or may not even reside in Pennsylvania or employ state residents – we should allow others an opportunity to grow and contribute to our economy, too.”

“Small business is the backbone of our communities and too many small businesses, minority-owned businesses and veteran-owned businesses have been unable to compete on a level playing field for Commonwealth contracts,” Hughes, Democratic Appropriations chair, said. “This bill Sen. Bartolotta and I worked on with the Department of General Services will help ensure the share of small businesses participating in Commonwealth contracts accurately reflects the number of small businesses in Pennsylvania and gives them a more equitable opportunity to compete for contracts.”

During his testimony before the Senate State Government Committee, Pennsylvania Department of General Services Secretary Curt Topper noted the importance of this legislation for the Commonwealth’s small, diverse and veteran business communities.

“This legislation would have an immediate effect by creating certainty for the future for more than 5,000 small, diverse, and veteran businesses who benefit from our programs andpolicies,” Topper said. “This commitment, in turn, will encourage these businesses, and others, to become certified and to continue to invest and grow in our Pennsylvania communities.”

Click here for full footage of the Senate State Government hearing.

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