Senate committee advances measure to protect women’s sports

HARRISBURG – The Senate Education Committee advanced a measure to establish the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, according to Sens. Judy Ward (R-30) and Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-28), who sponsored the legislation.

Senate Bill 1191 would prohibit students of the male sex, which the bill defines as the biological distinction between male and female based on reproductive biology and genetic make-up, from participating in athletic teams or sports that are designed for women or girls.

“I am grateful to the Education Committee for passing this important piece of legislation,” said Ward. “Women of all ages deserve a fair chance to succeed and achieve. This piece of legislation ensures that our young women will be able to pursue the life changing opportunities that sport provides.”

The bill would also prohibit a government entity or licensing, accrediting or athletic organization from entertaining a complaint, opening an investigation, or taking adverse action against a school entity or public institution of higher education for maintaining separate teams or sports for students of the female sex.

“Without the passage of this bill, young girls and women lose the opportunity for athletic success that every female deserves. Women have fought too hard to earn the right to their own competitive sports, and the dangerous trajectory we are on could alter that forever,” Phillips-Hill said. “We owe it to our girls because I have seen firsthand how competitive sports serve as a launching pad for future success in life. We must protect women’s sports.”

Having received support from the Senate Education Committee, the bill now moves to the full Senate for consideration.

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