Senate Approves Ward’s Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Senate approved a constitutional amendment today that protects the right of voters and their elected officials to determine the state’s abortion laws, Sen. Judy Ward (R-30) said.

“This legislation preserves critical checks and balances,” said Ward. “State law regarding such an important issue as this should not be made by unelected judges. This legislation guarantees that the job of making abortion policy will stay in the hands of the people’s elected representatives.” 

Senate Bill 106 reaffirms that Pennsylvania’s Constitution grants no right to taxpayer funding for abortion or any other right relating to abortion. If passed by the General Assembly next legislative session, the amendment would be presented to voters for final approval.

“To no one’s surprise, this issue has elicited pushback from abortion rights activists who wield passionate and misleading rhetoric to convince people that my bill will lead to widespread bans on abortion,” Ward said. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

In 1985, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that the state constitution does not require taxpayer funding of abortions, in line with federal precedent.

If the amendment language is approved by the voters, this won’t change. The Abortion Control Act will remain the law as well. The language does not ban abortions, but rather ensures that abortion policy in Pennsylvania is made by the people’s elected representatives.

The legislation now goes to the House of Representatives for a vote. If approved, it will await potential consideration next legislative session.

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