Senate Approves Mastriano Bill Enhancing Overdose Tracking and Lifesaving Response

HARRISBURG – The state Senate today unanimously approved legislation introduced by Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33) that would ensure known or suspected drug overdoses treated by emergency medical services (EMS) providers are recorded in a statewide tracking system known as the Overdose Information Network (ODIN).

“When EMS personnel encounter an overdose, that information doesn’t automatically go into the statewide tracking system,” Mastriano said. “I want to close this gap in the data collected by the overdose mapping system so health care professionals and law enforcement personnel have access to the best available information.”

Mastriano previously introduced legislation that became Act 158 of 2022 and established a statewide mapping system to track overdoses.

His Senate Bill 1054 would require the Department of Health to coordinate with the Pennsylvania State Police to ensure real-time overdose reporting by EMS providers is incorporated into the ODIN system.

EMS providers would report in the statewide mapping system the date and time of the overdose; location where it occurred; known or suspected controlled substances administered to or inhaled, ingested, imbibed or injected by the victim; details about any overdose reversal drugs that were administered; and whether the situation was fatal or nonfatal.

Access to real time data helps public officials ensure that adequate overdose reversal drug supplies are available, substance use outreach efforts are enhanced, and law enforcement investigations are undertaken to interrupt sources of deadly substances. Accurate real-time data also allows the ODIN system to send out overdose “spike alerts” when a high number of overdoses occur in a community in a short period of time. These alerts are crucial for local officials who can then surge resources into an area to prevent additional overdoses.

“The statewide overdose mapping system can save lives by sharing important information with law enforcement and health care professionals on the front lines in this fight,” Mastriano said. “The ability to save lives is only as strong as the information in the system. My bill will strengthen the overdose tracking system and enable frontline personnel to save more lives.”

Mastriano’s Senate Bill 1054 now heads to the state House for consideration.

Constituents of the 33rd Senatorial District can learn more about Mastriano by visiting his website at or following him on Facebook at

Media contact: Josh Herman

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