Mastriano to introduce term limits for school board members and increase transparency at meetings

Harrisburg – Senator Doug Mastriano (R-33) announced his plans to introduce legislation that will reform school boards across Pennsylvania and improve transparency.

Mastriano’s bill will stipulate that all school board members in Pennsylvania will be limited to no more than three “four-year” terms. Currently, school board members can run for an unlimited number of terms.

“Long-serving school board members have ‘name ID’ and often financial advantages at the local election level, making it difficult for new candidates and parents of children in school to have a chance to win a seat”, said Mastriano. “The implementation of term limits will promote diverse ideas and perspectives that come from new and energetic candidates. Sixteen other states currently have some form of term limits for school board members.”

The legislation will also address transparency standards for school board meetings. Any board subcommittees or executive sessions will need to mirror the same agenda notification requirements as a regular meeting of the board.

Additionally, prior to each regular school board meeting, board members will be required to include an internet link with further information as a part of any meeting agenda that includes discussion or votes on the following items:

  • Budget/Financial
  • Textbooks
  • School Library Books
  • Curriculum/Course Syllabus 

“It’s important that taxpayers and parents can view and submit comments/questions in response to agenda items for all executive sessions, subcommittees, and regular meetings”, said Mastriano. “Transparency is key to ensuring that all parents have a seat at the table and can make their voice heard on issues that impact their children.”

Media Contact: Josh Herman

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