Mastriano: Parents Mount Offensive to Save Kids from State Meddling, Indoctrination

HARRISBURG – Parents, physicians and childhood advocates demanded action from state legislators this week to protect their kids from government intrusion and indoctrination, said Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33).

“I introduced the Parental Bill of Rights after our governor and his administration orchestrated an unconstitutional takeover of our children’s health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. “This legislation reaffirms what should go without saying, parents – and parents alone – are the first and last authority on raising their own kids.”

Testifiers told the Senate State Government Committee that the Department of Education and Gov. Tom Wolf wielded power and influence to overrule guidance from local health officials about in-person schooling and universal masking, leading to weeks of lost instruction and educational deficits that will profoundly scar an entire generation of children.

Worse still, the committee learned that Wolf and his allies dragged concerned parents to court where they rejected responsibility for the questionable guidance and policies proliferating across Pennsylvania schools.

Just some of the complaints parents lodged during the hearing include school libraries offering books so graphic and explicit that their contents can’t be shared in public settings; curriculum introducing kindergarteners to college-level theories on race and gender; teachers who want to withhold information about students’ mental health, sexual orientation or gender identity from their parents; and the privacy of biological girls in bathrooms and locker rooms taking a backseat to partisan ideology.

“The administration’s mask is off,” Mastriano said. “The last few years have proven that government bureaucrats can and will do whatever it takes to divide families and indoctrinate a generation of compliant, subservient supporters. I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the parents who refuse to toe the line and stay silent any longer.”


CONTACT: Doug Zubeck

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