Majority Leader Kim Ward Issues Statement on the Senates Passage of HB 1154

HARRISBURG – Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland) issued the following statement today regarding the Senate’s passage of House Bill 1154.

“Today, the Pennsylvania Senate voted to permanently allow ‘mixed drinks to go’ from restaurants and hotels, extend sales for outdoor dining, and expand the number of locations where ready-to-go mixed drinks can be sold.  The advancement of this measure sends a strong signal that we are moving the Commonwealth in a direction of normalcy and transitioning from the restrictive control we were once living under during the COVID-19 emergency declaration.  This bill will help jump start the economy by giving consumers convenience in spirit beverage choice, encourages bars, restaurants, and taverns to be open for business, and expands opportunities for small businesses.  Additionally, profits from consumers could result in the generation of more than $45 million in revenue for the Commonwealth over the next five years.”

CONTACT:    Erica Clayton Wright




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