Laughlin’s Sunday Hunting Legislation Reported from Committee

HARRISBURG – The state Senate Game and Fisheries Committee has reported Senate Bill 67 to the full Senate.

“This legislation will remove the prohibition on hunting on Sundays and provide additional opportunities to hunters,” said bill sponsor, Sen. Dan Laughlin (R-49).

“Ever since the 18th century, Pennsylvania has mostly banned hunting on Sundays,” Laughlin explained. “The Sunday hunting prohibition is one of the last vestiges of our commonwealth’s antiquated ‘Blue Laws,’ which were created a very long time ago, some dating back to colonial times, to prevent certain activities deemed inappropriate for a Sunday. It is time that we completely remove this prohibition. Pennsylvanians should have the right to hunt on a Sunday.”

“Since 2018, I sponsored legislation to repeal this prohibition. Through numerous meetings and compromise, the addition of three Sundays was achieved in Senate Bill 147, now Act 107 of 2019,” continued Laughlin. “Although hunters have the opportunity to hunt on three Sundays, I vowed to advocate to end the Sunday hunting prohibition.” 

In many communities throughout our state, hunting is important to the local economy. Allowing it to be pursued every Sunday would be a benefit to those areas of the state.

According to Hunting Works For Pennsylvania – a local, grassroots partnership of organizations focused on hunting, shooting and the economics derived from these activities – hunters in Pennsylvania support over 15,000 jobs throughout the state, spend $986 million annually, generate $529 million in salaries and wages, and produce $121 million in state and local taxes, along with more than $136 million in federal taxes. All totaled, hunting produces a $1.6 billion economic benefit to the commonwealth.

The top reason hunters cite for no longer showing an interest in the sport is the lack of time. Removing this antiquated ‘Blue Law’ will provide our sportsmen and women an opportunity to enjoy hunting during their free time. This will also provide a chance for our youth who enjoy or have an interest in the sport, but have busy schedules, to learn and spend time in the woods.

Some have expressed concern about the safety of increased hunting, but no safety issues have been reported since 2020, when the three days of Sunday hunting began, or from the hunting of the few types of game (foxes, crows and coyotes) allowed on Sundays.

“SB 67 seeks to give the needed latitude to the Pennsylvania Game Commission to increase hunting and trapping opportunities, and continue to rebuild interest in hunting, which will end up benefiting all of Pennsylvania,” said Laughlin.

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