Langerholc Legislation Defending the Second Amendment Passes the Senate

HARRISBURG – Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35), announced today that his legislation to defend the Second Amendment rights of Pennsylvanians was approved by the Senate.

Senate Bill 448 would allow for an individual or member organizations to sue a county or municipality that implements a local firearms ordinance in violation of existing state law; would allow for individuals adversely affected by local action to seek relief and damages; would put the burden on the municipality to defend its actions instead of placing the burden on the individual; and would make it clear the General Assembly is the only elected body responsible for passing legislation related to the right to bear arms.

“The Pennsylvania Constitution is unequivocally clear – the rights of the citizens to bear arms shall not be questioned.  No municipalities can enact an ordinance infringing on that right,” said Sen. Langerholc. “This legislation reaffirms our support of the Pennsylvania Constitution and our Second Amendment.”

Currently, gun owners who are accused of violating local ordinances often lack the time and financial resources to engage in the legal battle necessary to overturn unconstitutional gun regulations at the local level. This legislation will ensure that the laws enacted by the General Assembly are obeyed.

The bill now heads to the state House of Representatives for consideration.


Contact: Gwenn Dando

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