Family Sustaining Jobs & Customer Affordability Key to PA Electricity Policy

HARRISBURG – Senate Majority Leader Joe Pittman (R-41) has issued the following statement regarding Energy Policy in Pennsylvania:

“Comprehensive energy policy remains at the forefront of our legislative focus for the Commonwealth. The best way to swiftly advance meaningful discussions around energy policy is for Gov. Shapiro to remove the anvil of RGGI and drop his appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Detrimental job losses and increased electricity costs imposed directly on consumers necessitates immediately closing the chapter of RGGI.

“It now appears the governor agrees with the Commonwealth Court’s ruling asserting a cap-and-trade program for electric generation is a tax on electricity and would require legislative approval. The governor correctly points out it is time we stop losing to Ohio, however, any cap-and-trade program applying solely to electric generation in Pennsylvania and not our competitors, does not fit the bill.

“Families are feeling the strain of inflation and increased household expenses, which must be a chief concern when implementing any changes to energy policy. Pennsylvania needs to put electric generation, grid reliability and consumer affordability first, and our Senate Republican Majority will continue to focus on initiatives to promote investment and innovation here in Pennsylvania.”

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