Meeting to consider the nomination of Sarah Clark to the Environmental Hearing Board, followed by a voting meeting to consider SB 1338 and SB 1339, followed by an informational briefing on Legionnaires Disease and related legislation (SB 1225)

Senate Environmental Resources & Energy Committee

Tuesday, October 25 | 10:00 a.m.

East Wing, Hearing Room 8E-B


  • Nomination of Sarah Clark, Esq., 352 Willow Avenue, Camp Hill 17011, Cumberland County, to the Environmental Hearing Board.
  • SB 1338, PN 1951 (Yaw, Martin) – An Act amending the act of July 10, 2008 (P.L.1009, No.78), known as the Biofuel Development and In-State Production Incentive Act, further providing for short title of act and for definitions; providing for low emission transportation fuel incentive and for registration and other requirements; and further providing for department authority and responsibility and for infrastructure reports.
  • SB 1339, PN 1952 (Yaw, Martin) – An Act amending the act of November 29, 2004 (P.L.1376, No.178), known as the Alternative Fuels Incentive Act, further providing for title of act, for short title of act, for definitions and for Alternative Fuels Incentive Fund; repealing provisions relating to biomass-based diesel production incentives; further providing for annual report; and repealing provisions relating to interfund transfer.
  • Amendment A05827 to House Bill 2528, PN 3254:
    • Amends Title 58 (Oil and Gas) Chapter 28.  Oil and Gas Well Plugging Oversight to comply with federal requirements as outlined in the Orphaned Well Site Plugging, Remediation and Restoration Program under section 40601 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act;
    • Increases grant amounts from $10,000 (for wells 3,000 feet or less) to $40,000, or the actual cost to plug the well, whichever is less;
    • Increases grant amounts from $20,000 (for wells greater than 3,000 feet) to $70,000, or the actual cost to plug the well, whichever is less;
    • Sets publication requirements for awarding of grant funding;
    • Ensures well plugger compliance if they demonstrate access to the equipment, materials, resources and services to plug wells in accordance with Chapter 32, Section 3220;
    • Addresses continuing violations and ensures that a well plugging applicant takes corrective action to the satisfaction of the Department; shall not apply to an applicant who has committed a violation until the Department has taken the final action on the violation and the applicant has not appealed the final action. If an appeal has been filed, no supersedeas has been issued;
    • Includes an attestation that the qualified well plugger will provide documentation necessary for the Department in order to comply with the requirements, as well as an attestation that each well is plugged in accordance with the plugging requirements as outlined in Title 58;
    • Allows for additional grant awards as available by the Department;
    • Allows any Pennsylvania company to bid for a contract it will award for plugging oil and gas wells, regardless of the size of the company;
    • A Pennsylvania company is defined as a business entity which has its main offices or headquarters located within Pennsylvania and conducts at least 50% of its business activities within Pennsylvania; or will bid for state contracts for plugging oil or gas wells and subcontract the work to subcontractors selected through a competitive bidding process which satisfy the criteria in the first bullet point when possible;
    • Makes technical changes.


“Informational Briefing on Legionnaires Disease and Related Legislation (SB 1125)”

10:15AM      Welcome
                       Sen. Gene Yaw, Chair

                       Sen. Carolyn Comitta, Minority Chair

                       PANEL 1

10:20AM      Dr. Jen Clancy, Chief Scientist
                       Environmental Science, Policy & Research Institute – Testimony

                       Ron Gribik, Vice President Operations
                       CWM Environmental – Testimony

                        Patsy Root, Senior Manager
                        Government Affairs
                        IDEXX Water – Testimony

                        John J. Farmerie, Executive Consultant
                        Cyrus Rice Water Consulting, Inc. – Testimony

                        Dr. Meilin Young, Pulmonologist
                        Allegheny Health Network – Testimony

                        PANEL 2

11:05AM        Bob Bowcock
                        Integrated Resource Management, Inc. – Testimony

                        Andre Del Valle, Vice President of Gov. Affairs
                        Pennsylvania Apartment Association

                        Amanda Schaub, Executive Director
                        Building Owners & Managers Association of Pittsburgh

                        Daryn Cline
                        Global Cold Chain Alliance

                        Brad Considine
                        Alliance to Prevent Legionnaires’ Disease – Testimony

11:50AM        Closing
                        Sen. Gene Yaw, Chair

                        Sen. Carolyn Comitta, Minority Chair

Additional Written Testimonies 

ASHRAE – Testimony

Association of Water Technologies – Testimony

IAPMO – Testimony

Legionnairs’ Disease in PA – Report

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