DiSanto Proposes ‘Run for One’ Legislation

HARRISBURG – State Sen. John DiSanto (PA-15) today announced he will introduce legislation to ban candidates from appearing on the ballot for more than one public office in a single election, a proposal referred to as “Run for One.”

DiSanto’s legislation seeks to reduce the likelihood of expensive special elections and promote continuity in governance.

During this legislative session, the Pennsylvania House has seen a near-even split along partisan lines. Candidates who decided to run for and secure multiple offices concurrently have needlessly created vacancies, thereby interrupting the General Assembly’s ability to carry out the people’s work.

The practice of doubling up on running for public office increases the chances of a constituency being deprived of its duly elected representation and voice in government. Additionally, it places a financial burden on taxpayers for expenses associated with special elections, which can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars within a single state house district.

DiSanto’s forthcoming legislation will permit candidates to file petitions for ballot access for only one public office, with an exception for the Presidency or Vice Presidency. The legislation will maintain the allowance for individuals seeking public office to also appear on the ballot for state or county political party positions, which are usually volunteer roles.

“Constituents cast their votes with the expectation that their chosen candidate is dedicated to serving once elected,” noted DiSanto. “Candidates running for multiple offices often do so as an insurance policy to preserve their political careers at the expense of the public interest. Contrary to the claims of career politicians, there is an abundance of highly qualified citizens capable of competently filling every position on the ballot, eliminating the need for any one individual to double up on multiple offices.”


CONTACT: Chuck Erdman cerdman@pasen.gov

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