Culver Bill to Protect Domestic Animals and Pennsylvania Food Supply Against Disease Signed into Law

HARRISBURG – A bill introduced by Sen. Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-27) was signed into law today to help protect domestic animals and the food supply against dangerous transmissible diseases.

“I am grateful the governor signed this bill into law today,” Culver said. “It is a great step in securing the future of the livestock industry in Pennsylvania.”

Culver’s Senate Bill 979 was signed into law as Act 15 of 2024. The new law gives the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture the authority to require retailers to post information about dangerous transmittable diseases at locations where domestic animals and feed are sold to the public.

“Biosecurity is important and spreading information is one of the strongest measures we can take to attempt to mitigate the spread of diseases,” Culver said. “This law will allow the Department of Agriculture to get important information out to small livestock operations that otherwise may not know of an outbreak near them.”

The passage of the law is timely as the nation is seeing the spread of avian influenza in cattle. There has been no spread reported in Pennsylvania at this time.

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Media Contact: Betsy Reichenbach

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