August 30, 2023

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Bills voted on Third Consideration on Supplemental

HB 1300 (MEHAFFIE) Amends the Fiscal Code to add a member from the Office of the State Long-Term Care
Ombudsman to the Long-Term Care Council. Reauthorizes assessments and payments to hospitals; increases
reimbursement rates for Emergency Management Service providers; extends judicial fees for two-years; increases
the state trooper complement; provides for Tobacco Settlement distributions; and allocates $20 million to counties
for mental health services. Also requires a tuition freeze for PASSHE schools; increases community college funding
by $5.1 million; provides over $70 million for libraries; allocates over $76 million for special education funding for
Intermediate Units; reimburses schools for providing free breakfasts for all students ($46.5 million); maintains
current PHEAA grant levels; provides $11 million in grants for non-public school safety initiatives; increases funding
for career and technical centers; and provides the Department of Education $7 million to assist distressed school
districts. PASSED 29-18.

SB 757 (STEFANO) Amends the Fiscal Code to establish the PA Award for Student Success Program (PASS) within
Treasury to provide scholarships to eligible students for tuition, school-related fees, and special education services
fees charged for attendance at participating nonpublic schools. Also increases the total amount of tax credits
available for the Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program by $150 million; provides transparency for
information relating to Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ); and allows the Chartered Schools for Deaf and Blind
Children to equally divide $1 million from their FY 2022-2023 appropriation for capital-related costs and deferred
maintenance. PASSED 28-19.

Bill voted on Concurrence on Supplemental

SB 829 (AUMENT) Authorizes the conveyance of easements to Manheim Township, Lancaster County for a road
realignment project at the Landis Valley Museum; grants a permanent easement to Drexel University in the City of
Philadelphia; removes a use restriction on property in Wyoming Borough, Luzerne County; conveys land to the City
of Philadelphia for an expansion project at the Philadelphia International Airport and from which proceeds will be
used for a new DMVA readiness center; and authorizes the release of Project 70 restrictions on land in Lower Salford
Township, Montgomery County for a bridge replacement project. House Amendments Concurred In 47-0.

Executive Nominations

State Board of Barber Examiners, Amber N. Derr CONFIRMED 47-0.
Public School Employees’ Retirement Board, Richard W. Vague CONFIRMED 47-0.
Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Kimberly M. Barrow CONFIRMED 47-0.
State Employees’ Retirement Board, Uri Z. Monson CONFIRMED 47-0.

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