Bipartisan Bill to Protect State Investments in Israel Passes Senate

HARRISBURG – Senate Bill 1260, a bill to protect state investments in Israel, passed the Senate today. The bipartisan legislation is sponsored by Senators Steve Santarsiero (D-10) and Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-28) and seeks to send a strong message that Pennsylvania stands with Israel.

“The United States and our Commonwealth have long stood in support of Israel and the Jewish people,” said Santarsiero. “Now, at a time when antisemitism is on the rise here at home and around the globe, we must remain steadfast in our support for our democratic ally in the Middle East and reject calls to boycott or divest from Israel.”

Senate Bill 1260 would uphold Pennsylvania’s steadfast support for Israel by prohibiting holdings in the Pennsylvania State Treasury or Commonwealth pension funds from boycotting or divesting from Israel and companies doing business with Israel. The bill will also withhold state funding from any institution of higher learning that boycotts or divests from Israel.

“Our nation’s number one ally in the Middle East has been and will continue to be a critical partner in commerce and trade,” said Phillips-Hill. “This legislation is a much-needed protection to avoid divestiture due to rampant antisemitism we are seeing across our country. We will not be detracted from our steadfast support for the State of Israel and its people.”

The legislation will have no impact on investment decisions made solely in advancing the financial position of the funds.

Santarsiero first sponsored similar legislation in 2015 to prohibit the state from giving funds to any Pennsylvania university that divests from Israel.

Senate Bill 1260 will now move to the state House for consideration.


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