Meeting to consider HB 2425 and HB 2538

Senate Aging and Youth Committee

Tuesday, October 18 | Off the Floor

Rules Committee Conference Room


  • HB 2425 (FLOOD): Creates the Robert Raph Act, which codifies regulations covering notification
    requirements for abuse allegations concerning residents of a long-term care facility that are made to either
    the Department of Health or Department of Human Services. It also ensures that the allegations are
    communicated to the Department of Aging.-Amendment A05706 (J. WARD): Makes technical changes to ensure that the disclosure of
    information covered by the bill does not violate any existing laws.
  • HB 2538 (LEWIS DELROSSO): Amends Act 91 of 1971, the State Lottery Law, to extend the
    expiration of the mandated minimum profit margin from June 20, 2024, to June 30, 2029.

AARP PA Letter of Support for HB2538

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