Cybersecurity Resources
for Local Governments

Pennsylvania is home to thousands of municipalities. No matter how big or small, your local government is constantly at risk of cyberattack in today’s digital world. There are lots of resources available to help bolster your community’s cybersecurity.

Have you signed up for CISA alerts?
Stay on top of new and emerging threats and vulnerabilities by receiving real-time alerts from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency. Subscribe online at

Have you conducted a cyber assessment?
The first step to protecting your local government from cyber threats is to get a clear picture of your needs. A number of organizations – including the federal government – provide a variety of free assessments and tools for self-assessment. Get started at or

Is your workforce cyber savvy?
Good cybersecurity starts with good cyber hygiene. Educate your municipal employees on the importance of strong passwords, spotting suspicious emails, and other ways to protect your network. Get your free starter kit from the Cyber Readiness Institute:

Are you prepared for identity-based cyber attacks?
Local governments are prime targets for cyber criminals. Learn more about the unique challenges municipalities face and what tactics they are taking to protect their information in this report from the International Data Corporation:

Are your emergency communications ready for evolving threats?
The National 911 Program has cybersecurity resources designed for this critical municipal service. Learn more at:

Do you get updates from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency regarding funding opportunities?
PEMA administers the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program, which distributes federal funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to support cybersecurity efforts. Learn more at

Have you joined an Information Sharing and Analysis Center?
Communication is crucial in the world of 24/7 threats. There are many industry-specific ISACs designed to share information and keep various sectors protected. Pennsylvania local governments can join the MS-ISAC, which is the Multi-State organization for state and local governments throughout the country, at no cost. Visit to get involved.  

Are you connected to your municipal association?
PA’s municipal associations gather and disseminate relevant information so their members can best serve their local governments. Get engaged with your association:

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