Wagner Launches ‘Scissors Out’ Website to Identify Excessive Regulations

HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) launched a website, SenatorScottWagner.com/ScissorsOut, where Pennsylvanians affected by excessive regulations can report those regulations.

“One of the biggest concerns I hear about our future is Pennsylvania’s obstructive regulatory environment that continues to stymie job growth,” Wagner said.

Senator Wagner said he created the new website page to solicit input from local residents and small business owners most harmed by excessive regulation. “I want to learn which mandates hurt Pennsylvanians more than they help, and I want to hear it directly from the people.”

He encourages any Pennsylvanian who has been hurt by an excessive or overly confusing regulation to visit the website, tell their story and share their suggestions. All responses will be catalogued and reviewed by the senator and his staff.

Senator Wagner is working on legislation to reform the regulatory approval process and restrict the growth of state bureaucracy.

“If we want to attract people to our state and empower Pennsylvanians to succeed, we must roll back the excessive regulations dictated from bureaucrats in Harrisburg. Get out your scissors and let’s start cutting through the red tape,” Wagner said.