Wagner Commends Senate State Government Committee on Passage of Paycheck Protection Legislation

HARRISBURG – Today the Senate State Government Committee approved Senator Scott Wagner’s (R-York) Senate Bill 167, legislation to prevent the collection of money for public sector unions by the Commonwealth and school districts.

“Paycheck protection has been a top priority for me since coming to the Senate in 2014,” said Wagner. “Taxpayer money is being used to collect dues and PAC contributions for public sector unions. The unions then use that money to lobby against major issues like pension reform and the elimination of property taxes, both of which are taking a toll on the Commonwealth and its taxpayers.”

“Opponents argue the cost to taxpayers is minimal,” continued Wagner. “But cost has never been my focus. These unions are getting away with an activity that would send anyone else to jail – using taxpayer resources for political purposes.” 

SB 167 proposes to amend the state Constitution to permanently ban public sector unions from utilizing schools and state government to collect money for them. 

Originally, the legislation would have prevented the collection of union dues, non-membership fees, and political contributions by the Commonwealth and school districts.  The State Government Committee chose to amend the bill to only ban the collection of political contributions, mirroring a companion bill, Senate Bill 166, which was also voted out of the State Government Committee today and which would address the issue statutorily.

“I commend Senator Folmer, Chairman of the State Government Committee, for bringing SB 167 and SB 166 up for a vote today,” said Wagner.  “In addition, I appreciate the support from the Committee for this important legislation.”

As a constitutional amendment, Wagner’s legislation would have to be approved in two consecutive legislative sessions.

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