Senator Wagner Calls on Governor Wolf to Fund State Government

(HARRISBURG, PA) – Responding to a statement issued today by Governor Tom Wolf stating that the Governor intends to veto a stopgap budget that is pending approval by the General Assembly, State Senator Scott Wagner urged the Governor to stop playing political games with the Pennsylvania state budget and to start getting serious.

“It’s absolutely outrageous what this Governor has done,” said Senator Wagner. “Republicans in the General Assembly have tried repeatedly to fund state government, but Governor Wolf not only refuses to cooperate but he continues to engage in dishonest dialogue about what is keeping us from getting this done.”

Senator Wagner continued, “The Governor wants the people of Pennsylvania to believe that we won’t agree to a severance tax for more money for education when in reality his proposal doesn’t even dedicate the revenue from a severance tax to education spending. Rather, he would fund the special interests in the alternative energy industry before a penny of new money would get to schools.”

“What this Governor is really fighting for is to raise YOUR taxes, not taxes on the gas industry,” stated Senator Wagner. “No matter what Republicans do, he continues to insist on additional taxes on working Pennsylvanians without addressing any of the factors that drive costs in state government. He opposes pension reform, liquor privatization, prevailing wage reform, and many other measures that would rein in spending, while insisting that there won’t be a budget until we take more money from my constituents.”

Senator Wagner pointed to an on-time budget that increased funding for education without raising taxes that the General Assembly passed on June 30th as evidence that the General Assembly has done its job. Additionally, the House Republican caucus attempted to override the Governor’s veto of individual line items to attempt to fund those agencies about whose funding all parties already agree. Finally, the State Senate is in session today to begin the process of passing a stopgap budget to fund state government until October.

All of these efforts have been opposed by Governor Wolf while he holds out for higher taxes on Pennsylvania.

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