Senator Rafferty Introduces Senate Resolution Calling for Increased Screenings for Refugees

In response to Governor Wolf’s recent announcement that Pennsylvania would continue to accept and host Syrian refugees, Senator John Rafferty (R-44) has introduced a Senate Resolution directing the Governor to suspend their placement until the federal government establishes increased security procedures.

“The Paris terrorist attacks serve as a stark reminder that we need to remain vigilant and have a plan in place to fully-screen refugees who seek to relocate here,” Rafferty said. “We have to verify their identities and histories and know for certain they do not pose a real and present danger to the homeland. Even one failure could result in a catastrophic event.”

Rafferty’s resolution also urges the President of the United States to direct the Department of Homeland Security to review its security procedures for vetting refugees and provide a detailed report of the increased measures to the states that are under consideration to receive refugees.

The federal government has already indicated that they will accept 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year but has not detailed the security measures that will be used to screen these refugees.

“Unfortunately, it has now become abundantly clear that terrorists have exploited the wave of refugees to advance their terror, and immediate measures need to be taken to in order to mitigate this threat,” Rafferty said. “The security and safety of our citizens can never be compromised.”