Senate “Welcomes Home Vietnam Veterans” with a Resolution


The Senate today (March 23) adopted a Resolution introduced by Senator Randy Vulakovich proclaiming March 30, 2016, as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” in Pennsylvania.

“Forty-three years have passed since America’s involvement in Southeast Asia ended and yet that conflict continues to impact our society. Just saying the word Vietnam invokes feelings and emotions for anyone who lived through that turbulent era,” said Sen. Vulakovich, who serves as Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee.  “While statues, parades and honors were bestowed upon those who served in World War I and World War II, that wasn’t the case for the veterans who served in the jungles of Southeast Asia. They came home to a divided nation and received little gratitude, and in some cases outright animosity, as a reward for their service and sacrifice.”

More than 304,000 American service members were wounded in Vietnam and of the 58,193 service members who lost their lives, 3,144 were from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Senator Vulakovich said March 29th was the date that the last of our U.S. troops left Vietnam in 1973.  And as such, the resolution marks March 30th is the date by which we commemorate their return home.

“It is appropriate that Pennsylvania pay tribute to the unsung heroes of the Vietnam War,” said Sen. Vulakovich.  “Let us offer a special prayer of gratitude to those men and women who served in Southeast Asia and never forget those whose dreams were left unfulfilled.”

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