Senate Unanimously Approves Senator Mensch’s Resolution to Review How PA Accounts For And Analyzes Forensic Evidence Kits (Rape Kits)

Harrisburg –The Senate unanimously approved Senator Bob Mensch’s (R-24) Senate Resolution 75, which directs the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to review how Pennsylvania accounts for and analyzes forensic evidence kits (rape kits).

Senator Mensch was informed by the “Rape Kit Action Project” that there is a backlog of unanalyzed forensic kits across the nation and in Pennsylvania.  Senator Mensch stated that this resolution will help take the steps necessary to ensure that all rape kits are tested in a timely manner.  “This is the first step in ensuring that all rape victims for whom a rape kit was collected will have a better opportunity for justice,” said Mensch.

According to a study that the Rape Kit Action Project has done, there are at least 100,000 forensic evidence kits that are sitting untested or unaccounted for across the United States. “I believe this is inexcusable,” said Mensch. “I will not have Pennsylvania be part of that statistic.”

Senator Mensch hopes this study will measure the depth of this problem in the Commonwealth and outline the steps necessary to address the matter accordingly. Senator Mensch plans to introduce further legislation if the results indicate that there is a backlog and kits are not being tested in a timely matter.

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