Senate Sends Voting Machine Funding Legislation to the Governor’s Desk for Signature

The State Senate today passed Senate Bill 48, legislation to provide counties with funding for the purchase of new voting machines.  This legislation has been sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25), Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34), and Senate Majority Whip John Gordner (R-27) have issued the following statement:

“We have heard time and again from counties that they want to comply with the Governor’s order to implement new voting machines, but do not have the financial means to do so without raising taxes.

“Today we took necessary action to provide counties across Pennsylvania with money to cover the Governor’s requirements for the purchase of these new machines. His unfunded mandate placed on the counties created a crisis, however with passage of Senate Bill 48, counties are now being given a financial lifeline.”

Senate Bill 48 provides counties with $90 million in funding, enough to cover up to 60 percent of the costs of updating the voting machines. Last year, Governor Wolf ordered counties to replace all voting machines across Pennsylvania with new machines that have verifiable paper trails, before next year’s presidential election. The Governor did not provide a funding source for counties to make these purchases. In total the replacement cost of the machines is about $120 million.