Senate Recognizes “Drugs Kill Dreams Day in Pennsylvania”


The Senate adopted a Resolution on Tuesday (November 17) that would designate January 24, 2016 as “Drugs Kill Dreams Day” in Pennsylvania, according to Senator Don White, prime sponsor of the measure.

“Drugs Kill Dreams is one of a number of programs throughout the state that partners with schools, churches and other community organizations to share education materials and prevention messages with young people,” said Senator White. “It effectively and successfully promotes drug and alcohol prevention awareness in schools and communities throughout Western Pennsylvania with the strong belief that if we increase prevention we will decrease addiction and crime.”

The organization — which serves as a model for many similar community-based drug prevention programs across the Commonwealth — was established in 1994 by Armstrong County District Judge, J. Gary DeComo. In 2000, it was renamed “Drugs Kill Dreams” following a fourth grade poster contest.

“I appreciate the efforts of Senator Don White. The recognition of a specific ‘Drugs Kill Dreams Day’ on January 24, 2016 will raise the level of prevention of awareness during the 15th anniversary of the program,” said Judge DeComo. “Drug prevention requires a total community effort to be successful.”


Joe Pittman
(Senator White)

Judge J. Gary DeComo