Senate Plans to Vote to Override Veto of Plan to Give Schools Final Decision on Fall Sports, Spectators

With Gov. Wolf’s threat to veto a measure to allow school districts to implement their own health and safety plans for sports, extracurricular activities and spectators, Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) announced the Senate will vote to override his veto when the measure is received from the House.

Under the Constitution, because the bill originated in the House, that chamber must first gain a two-thirds majority vote in order to override the Governor’s veto. It would then go to the Senate for consideration where, a two-thirds majority vote is also needed.

In passing House Bill 2787, the House voted 155-47 with 135 votes needed to override a veto. The Senate originally passed the bill by a vote of 39-11 with 34 votes needed for an override.

Senator Corman issued the following statement about a vote to override the veto:

“When we receive the bill from the House, the Senate will call for a veto override vote. We will see how committed the Democrats who overwhelmingly voted for the bill are to allowing their local school districts to have the final say on whether to allow school sports, extracurricular activities and spectators. We know that local districts are best positioned to know what can and can’t be done safely, and no one has more at stake regarding the health of their children and their community. For the sake of students, parents and communities, we need to pass this legislation and leave local decisions in the hands of the people who know best and are the most impacted.”

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