Senate Passes Senator Mensch’s Performance Based Budgeting Bill



Harrisburg – On Monday, February 6, 2017, the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously passed Senator Bob Mensch’s (R-24) Performance Based Budgeting billSenate Bill 181 seeks to streamline and justify discretionary and state government spending.

SB 181 would require departments and agencies to justify their budget requests beginning with dollar one, for all existing as well as proposed programs for each fiscal year, before they can receive consideration for budget funding. The bill would create a performance-based budget board to review the performance-based budget plans of Pennsylvania agencies and make recommendations on how each agency’s programs may be made more transparent, effective, and efficient.

“This is a very important step towards reducing wasteful government spending and providing a transparent, effective and efficient budget for our taxpayers,” said Mensch.  “We need to ensure that the budget is driven by clear and defensible purposes rather than inertia.  This type of budgeting is a normal occurrence in the private sector and the private sector does this to ensure every dollar spent produces the desired results. On the other hand, Pennsylvania government continues to add new programs and continue funding existing programs without critical checks or balances. This bill will help ensure that effective programs are identified, ineffective programs addressed, and better funding decisions are made for Pennsylvanians. ”

The bill now goes to the House for consideration.

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