Senate Passes Reschenthaler Bill To Strengthen Penalties For Threatening Law Enforcement Officers and Families


The State Senate this week approved legislation sponsored by Senator Guy Reschenthaler (R-37) that would help us protect members of law enforcement by adding a penalty for threatening law enforcement officers, sheriffs or members of their family.

“Members of the law enforcement community protect our communities and residents, but they face threats and dangers every day,” Reschenthaler said.  “This legislation is intended to crack down on those who do not respect these dedicated public servants and make their jobs even more difficult through threats and intimidation.”

Under Senate Bill 510, a person who threatens death or serious bodily injury to a law enforcement officer, a sheriff or deputy sheriff, or a member of their family or household would commit a felony of the third degree. A second or subsequent offense would constitute a felony of the second degree.

 “I am very encouraged by the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 510 in the Senate. As a former magisterial district judge, I worked closely with members of the law enforcement community, and I experienced firsthand how indispensable their efforts are to the protecting our community,” Reschenthaler said. “Our law enforcement officers and their family members make daily sacrifices. SB510 provides an effective tool to better protect those officers and their families from harm so they can continue serving our communities.”

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