Scavello Lauds Solar Energy Jobs Law During Bill Signing Ceremony Today

Senator Mario Scavello (R-40) joined Governor Tom Wolf at a ceremony in Harrisburg today to sign into law his legislation that would promote clean energy by boosting the use of solar energy credits in Pennsylvania.

Senator Scavello’s Solar Energy Jobs legislation, Senate Bill 404, was included in House Bill 118, which was overwhelmingly approved by the Legislature last month. He thanked the legislature and clean energy advocates for their support of the legislation, which will help to bring businesses to Pennsylvania, create new jobs, and promote a positive footprint on the environment.

“Passage of this law demonstrates that solar energy is fast becoming a viable addition to our diverse energy portfolio,” said Scavello. “We have the best fabrication, engineering, manufacturing and distribution networks in the country. The solar energy industry and the clean energy sector in general, offers communities – both rural and urban – the opportunity to retool, reposition and modernize our economy to attract additional 21st century jobs.”

The 2004 Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards requires that increasing percentages of electricity sold in Pennsylvania be generated through alternative energy sources like solar energy. Solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) are used to demonstrate compliance with the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act through the purchase of these credits from homeowners and businesses with solar panels.

“Act 40 of 2017 essentially ‘closes the borders’ of the Commonwealth on SREC purchases, similar to many neighboring states,” said Scavello. “Under Act 40 of 2017, electric distributors will now be required to purchase their credits from within the Commonwealth, protecting Pennsylvania-based solar credits and putting us in line with many of our neighboring states,” Scavello said.  “In addition, ‘closing the borders’ ensures that PA rate-payers are supporting jobs, investment and tax revenue here in Pennsylvania.”
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