Republican Senate Leaders: PA Supreme Court Election Ruling Runs Counter to Ensuring Election Security, Timely Results

(HARRISBURG) – Today’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling tramples the U.S. Constitution and jeopardizes election security and timely results, according to Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25) and Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34). The Republican Senate leaders issued the following statement:

“The PA Supreme Court has chosen National Constitution Day to trample on the fundamental principles on which our nation was founded. This ruling is not about ensuring fair elections – it is about allowing one party to steal this election. Under the Constitution, the responsibility to determine the times, places and manner of elections lies solely within the legislative process.

“Given that the Supreme Court totally dismissed President Judge Levitt and her findings shows that this was never about the facts in this case. With today’s decision, the Supreme Court has overtaken the job constitutionally provided to the Legislature and made partisan decisions that run counter to ensuring election security and having results on Election Night.

“It doesn’t matter what the process is for casting a ballot if the results are in question. Our goal as policy makers always has been to work in a bipartisan manner to fulfill our constitutional obligation to make sure everyone has the opportunity vote, confidence in the system and that the votes are counted in a timely manner.

“We believe the Court has erred in its ruling and is jeopardizing the accountability and security of our election process in Pennsylvania. We will continue to review the decision, exploring our options to ensure trust in the election process and defend the Constitution against this activist court.”


Kate Flessner (Scarnati) –
Jenn Kocher (Corman) –