Pennsylvania Senate Unanimously Passes Mensch Initiative to Excuse Student Absence for Participation in Veterans Events or Funerals


Harrisburg – The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Senator Bob Mensch (R-24) which would allow students who are performing at events and funerals honoring our veterans to be excused from school, and allow that time to be counted toward volunteering or community service requirements.

“Young people contribute to our communities in many different ways, including volunteering their time to honor our veterans,” said Mensch. “My legislation will allow students to be excused from school to participate in musical performances at events and funerals honoring our veterans, such as playing the national anthem or TAPS.”

Senate Bill 540 would permit students to use the volunteered time toward any volunteering or community service graduation requirements. “I believe this is an excellent way to allow our students to be active in the community and honor the service and sacrifice made by our veterans,” said Mensch.

The measure now goes before the House of Representatives for consideration.

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