Panel Approves Rafferty Bill to Increase Penalties for Home Invasions

The Senate Judiciary Committee this week approved legislation sponsored by Senator John Rafferty (R-44)  that would strengthen penalties for burglaries that involve home invasions to better reflect the seriousness of these violent crimes.

Rafferty said Senate Bill 1062 is needed because the current burglary statute does not distinguish those burglaries where force or threat of force is used.  The bill would create a sentencing enhancement to increase the recommended sentence for burglaries of homes where force or threat of force is used.

“Home invasions involve much more violent acts than just entering a home to steal property.  This is a calculated and brutal crime that leaves permanent scars on those who are victimized in a place where they should feel safest,” Rafferty said. “These are burglaries where perpetrators are seeking to terrorize and inflict injury on residents, and the penalties should reflect that violence and severity of the intent.”

The legislation was drafted with input from the District Attorney’s Association and the Office of the Attorney General and has bipartisan support.

It now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

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