PA Supreme Court Fails to Uphold the Law to Ensure Fair Elections

(HARRISBURG) – Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25) has issued the following statement regarding the PA Supreme Court failing to uphold the election law to allow for fair elections.

“The actions of the PA Supreme Court this week threaten our democracy and have once again trampled the Constitution. On Monday, four of the PA Supreme Court Justices agreed that the Election Code is clear and unambiguous that it is mandatory to fill out, sign and date mail in-ballots. However, while Justice Wecht agreed with this holding, he inappropriately declared that the mandatory signature and date will not apply to the 2020 election but will apply moving forward and refused to invalidate ballots challenged because the voter failed to date them in Allegheny County. Today a motion to grant reconsideration of this decision was denied.

“We will not sit back quietly and allow the liberal left to steal the 2020 election. The foundation of our democracy demands that all elections are fair and legal.  Voters deserve to have assurance in our election process and to know that only legal votes are counted. It has become abundantly clear that the PA Supreme Court majority bases their rulings on political motivations and not what is in the best interest of ensuring fair elections.

“Justice Wecht’s opinion blatantly fails to uphold the law as stated in Pennsylvania’s Election Code and ignored the Court’s own precedent.  Treating the 2020 election differently than future elections is reprehensible and diminishes all confidence in our election system and the results.”

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