News for Constituents

The Fishing Hole is Open

Take a short trip to “The Fishing Hole” to share your thoughts and opinions with an eagerly awaiting PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).

The PFBC is collecting and analyzing public feedback on fishing, boating, and other aquatic resources with an eye to improving your fishing and boating experience.  See Frequently Asked Questions to assist with your response.

You may wish to share “Your Fish Story” with fellow anglers.  Don’t forget to include those photos along with your fish tale.


Sharing the Road Responsibly 

Pedestrians, along with bicyclists and motorists, whether on two, three, four, or more wheels, are increasingly taking to the roadways as spring unfolds, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and its “Just Drive PA” campaign.

Sharing the Road requires responsible observance of all PA traffic safety laws.  Just Drive PA offers resources for all types of motorists and driving conditions.

Among the more pronounced changes is requiring motorists to allow at least four feet between their vehicle and a bicycle, permitting the vehicle to safely pass the bicycle.  Motorists may pass at a careful and practical reduced speed.  Motorists may cross the center double yellow line, if safe and necessary, to provide the required four feet when passing a bicycle.  No turn by the driver of a motor vehicle may interfere with a bicyclist proceeding straight on a roadway or shoulder.


Call Before You Dig

Homeowners and contractors are reminded by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to dial 8-1-1 at least three business days before excavating, tunneling, grading, boring, blasting, demolishing, or any similar projects.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s annual springtime announcement to “Call 811 Before You Dig” points to underground power lines, communication cables, gas lines, water lines, or other utilities that may lie within critical range of your plans.

The PA One Call System guards the safety and welfare of workers executing large-scale plans and members of the general public engaging in residential projects.  Familiarize yourself with the temporary marking guidelines utilized by the PA One Call System.


Planting Time in PA

Mother’s Day is a good guide for planting in Central Pennsylvania to avoid a late season frost potentially robbing you of your annuals and newly-planted perennials, according to the Penn State Cooperative Extension.

PA’s 67 counties, stretching from the North Western Tier to the South Eastern regions of the state, fluctuate for final frost and prime planting times for flowers and vegetables.

Gardeners are cautioned that as much as 40% of PA during mid-April was considered abnormally dry and was capped off by wet conditions; a combination that may require increased attention to soil.  Consult the Extension’s “Home Lawn and Garden” webpages for the latest in gardening news and handy tips.


Burn Bans Dampened by Rain

May 2016 opens with rain preceded by burn bans prompted by a dry period threatening to consume last fall’s leaf drop and the dry and fallen branches still carpeting the ground.

Weather extremes in Pennsylvania, according to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, require residents to be informed, be prepared and be involved.

The Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide is designed to familiarize you with the top 10 emergencies you may confront.  The Guide can help you and your family to be prepared whether at home, work, or play when an emergency occurs.


Confronting the Return of Black Fly Season

During 2016, thirty-nine counties and more than 1,600 stream miles will be subject to aerial spraying to control black flies, also referred to as gnats, according to the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

DEP’s Bureau of Clean Water, responsible for protecting and preserving PA’s water quality, must monitor and treat, as necessary, more than 1,700 miles of Commonwealth rivers and streams in 47 counties.

Spraying with Bti began in April and will continue as DEP deems necessary.  Consult DEP’s “Personal Protection” techniques to repel the pest.  Contact DEP to discuss any black fly-related issues you are confronting.