News for Constituents

Wasted Water – Wasted Dollars 

Is yours among the one in ten households paying daily for a wasted 90 gallons of water?  Simple repairs like replacing faucet washers and gaskets can prevent minor leaks and contribute to major savings.

One leaky faucet, dripping at the rate of one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water annually.  A shower leaking ten drips per minute wastes more than 500 gallons per year.

Replace an old toilet with one labeled “WaterSense” and the average family will save 13,000 gallons of water annually.  Identify other water wasters and find tips on making dollar-saving repairs.  Include the kids and make it a family effort to identify ways to save water.

2016 Great American Cleanup of PA

Nearly 160,000 miles of cleaned roads, waterways, shorelines, and trails, along with more than 149,000 trees, bulbs, and flowers planted, are shining examples from the last twelve years of Pennsylvania’s Great American Cleanup, according to the PA Departments of Environmental Protection and Transportation.

Volunteers from community organizations, school groups, sports teams, and businesses, as well as conservationists, hunters, fishermen, and their friends and families, will be adding to the campaign’s 86.5 million pounds of previously collected litter and waste.  Nearly 237,000 tires and over 163,000 pounds of scrap metal have been recaptured from the environment and the numbers are expected to increase with the 2016 Cleanup.

Join the efforts in your county or organize a litter cleanup of a local road, park, trail or waterway.  Submit a video of your Cleanup and you may win cash from contest sponsors.


Fresh from the Farm Fare at Turnpike Service Plazas

PA Turnpike travelers can soon swap out the usual prepared foods found at service plazas for fresh from the farm fare, according to the PA Department of Agriculture.

Beginning April 1 through November, from Fridays through Mondays, the more than 525,000 daily Turnpike travelers will find farmers markets at the Allentown Service Plaza in Lehigh County, Sideling Hill Service Plaza in Fulton County and New Stanton Service Plaza in Westmoreland County.

Farmers are being encouraged to sell their products at the service plaza farmers markets.  Review the PA Turnpike Service Plaza Farmers Market agreement and application.  Send an email indicating your interest in participating or call 717-705-9511.


Select a State Park and Overnight Reservations 

PA State Park overnight accommodations range from pup tents to cabins to inns, offering a wide selection of camping and lodging opportunities.

Explore Things to Do on land, water, snow, or ice to make the most of your PA State Park experience.

Join an organized hike with your hound, peer into pond life, enjoy coffee with the birds, watch wildlife, and take photographs, to name just a few of the hundreds of events happening at a state park near you.


Commemorate Pennsylvania’s Presidential History

A birthplace, college attendance, vacations, gifts and more are part of Pennsylvania’s Presidential legacy, according to VisitPA.  Pennsylvania’s history and heritage is showcased across the state and appears at nearly every turn in the road.

The 15th president of the U.S., James Buchanan, was born near Mercersburg in Franklin County; the site of a beautiful state park.  Buchanan’s beloved Wheatland in Lancaster County continues to bear witness to the years of turmoil while the country struggled with slavery, states’ rights, and popular sovereignty.

The 25th president of the U.S., William McKinley, chose Allegheny College to further his education.

The courageous December 25, 1776 crossing of the Delaware from PA into New Jersey by General George Washington and his army, reignited the fight for freedom during the American Revolution.  The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission highlights our military history, historic homes, industrial heritage, and PA’s rural beginnings to help you make the most of tourism opportunities just around the corner.