News for Constituents

News for Constituents

Potential for Lyme Disease Increases Across PA

Whether maintaining your property or engaging in recreational and leisure activities, Pennsylvania residents in all 67 counties should be vigilant about preventing exposure to deer ticks and Lyme Disease, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PaDOH).

Combat exposure to Lyme Disease through the use of repellents and protective clothing. Check regularly while outdoors and at the conclusion of activities to determine if you picked up an unwanted tick.

Prevent contracting the disease through the prompt and careful removal of the tick with tweezers, followed by application of rubbing alcohol to the bite area and your hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer details on the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease.

CPR Means Staying Alive

In 2015, the American Heart Association is promoting “Two Steps to Staying Alive” as a reminder on how to assist a teen or adult suffering a sudden collapse. First, dial 9-1-1, then immediately begin delivering chest compressions to the beat of the popular 1977 release by the Bee Gees, “Stayin’ Alive”.

Hands-Only CPR is recommended for use on teens and adults following a sudden collapse. Relying on one hundred beats per minute, administer CPR while waiting for emergency medical professionals to arrive.

According to the American Heart Association, life-saving resuscitation techniques and recommendations have evolved over time — from fireplace bellows in 1530 used to force air back into the lungs to special techniques for pediatric rescue developed in 1983. Since then, a Pediatric First Aid and CPR Course has been offered online for parents and child care providers.

Please Remember to Steer Clear for Construction and Emergencies

Increased transportation funding means more road construction crews along Pennsylvania roadways, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Motorists heading out for work or play are being asked to Remember to Steer Clear of road crews, emergency personnel, and law enforcement as they perform their jobs. Pennsylvania has witnessed 10,586 work zone crashes and suffered the loss of 128 lives in crashes occurring over the past five years. Move over at least one lane and slow down to avoid penalties under the Steer Clear Law. Violators face a $250 fine for failure to move over or slow down and a doubling of fines for traffic violations occurring in emergency response areas. A 90-day license suspension can also be imposed for a violation resulting in injury to workers.

When entering a posted work zone, turn on your vehicle’s headlights. Current law provides for a 15-day license suspension for exceeding, by 11 miles per hour, the posted speed limit in an active work zone. In addition, motorists convicted of homicide by vehicle in an active work zone face up to five years of additional jail time.

Get Help Growing Your Garden

From the soil to the seeds and the bugs to the bulbs, the Pennsylvania State Extension is available to make this your best gardening season to date.

Whether you wish to become a Master Gardener or just need a little help with your lawn and garden, the extension offers online instruction, in-person workshops and a wealth of publications to enhance your gardening experience.

Select your county extension office for the latest local gardening news.

Courteous and Legal Eagle Watching

Central Pennsylvania’s now famous bald eagle family continues to attract online and vehicle traffic, according the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

PGC officials are cautioning, etiquette guidelines for eagle viewing are not just about convenience. Wildlife Conservation Officers issue warnings and citations for interfering with an active bald eagle nest.

Other interlopers are parking and trespassing on private property to gain a glimpse of the two new eaglets, best caught by the PGC’s streaming wildlife camera.

Pennsylvania Memorializes Contributions to American Freedom and Independence

The struggle for American freedom and independence is indelibly etched in more than 2,000 historical markers located across Pennsylvania, according to the PA Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC).

Blue and gold markers memorialize the known and unknown people and events, from all corners of the Commonwealth, contributing to the future of America. From insurrections to inventions, PA’s contributions shaped the culture and economy of our country.

The PHMC invites you to select a county or subject then hit PA Trails of History to start your historical discoveries. Nominations for future markers may be submitted to the PA Historical Marker Program by individuals, private organizations, local or county governments, and public agencies.