News for Constituents

Get Back Taxes off Your Mind

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is offering a Tax Amnesty Program, waiving all penalties and cutting in half the interest owed, through June 19, 2017.  It is estimated some 862,600 taxpayers are eligible to participate. 

Nearly 80 percent of those eligible are Pennsylvanians owing more than $2.1 billion in back taxes, with another 21 percent from out-of-state owing a total of $1.4 billion to the Commonwealth. 

The 2010 tax amnesty program, only the second ever offered, generated $254.6 million from nearly 59,500 delinquent taxpayers.  Those participating in the 2010 PA Tax Amnesty Program are not eligible for the 2017 program. 

Begin the application process now to participate.  For assistance, refer to the Tax Amnesty Fact Sheet or call 1-844-727-8283. 


Preventing Rising Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation wants to know if your community has an intersection with a documented car/pedestrian crash history or a location where pedestrians have difficulty crossing the roadway because motorists fail to yield. 

Following the loss of 77 pedestrians in Pennsylvania during the first six months of 2016, representing a 30.5 percent increase over 2015, PennDOT is reminding municipalities of the availability of “Yield to Pedestrian” signs.  The portable free-standing signs are to be placed within the driver’s line of sight. 

Consult the Regional Offices map to identify your county’s region and refer to the Pedestrian Brochure for your local PennDOT Engineering District Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator to obtain free safety signage for your community. 

Visitor Feedback Prompts Smoke-Free Beaches at PA State Parks

Visitors to many of Pennsylvania’s State Parks will find clean air billowing across the beach and the absence of cigarette butts soiling the sand, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

While reminding us they will observe the traditional Memorial Day opening of May 29, DCNR announced that 39 of 54 swimming beaches and pools located in state parks are now smoke-free in response to park visitor feedback and agency goals for ensuring clean air and beaches. 

Make your PA State Parks Reservations online.  DCNR has made it simple to review the Rules and Regulations of PA’s State Parks to ensure a quality experience for all visitors.  Included in the restriction are cigarettes, pipes, e-cigarettes or other handheld lighted smoking devices.  Consult the State Park Advisories for a wide selection of helpful information for visitors.  Download the free Official Guide for Pennsylvania State Parks and Forests to enrich your trip. 


Wipers On Means Lights On for Safety

Pennsylvania safety laws require motorists driving with their wipers on, to also turn on their vehicle’s lights, according to the PA Department of Transportation

Critical times that your vehicle’s lights are required to be on include:

  • Between dusk and dawn;
  • Posted work zones (not just active); and
  • Precipitation, including rain, snow, sleet, fog and/or mist when the vehicle’s wipers are on.

Motorists with daytime running lights are required to switch on headlights thereby activating their taillights.  Wipers On, Lights On became law with the enactment of Act 159 of 2006


Harrisburg’s Hatchlings Appear for 17th Season

In less than 24 hours, three of the four viable peregrine falcon eggs hatched, giving each an equal opportunity for sufficient nourishment to grow, develop, and successfully fledge from high above the streets of Harrisburg on the 15th-floor ledge of the Rachel Carson Building, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Nature lovers can follow the hatchlings development through the multi-camera Live Feed, Falcon Wire News, and social media, including Tweets originating from @FalconChatter.

Teachers will find resources Just for Kids, including lesson plans, and a raptor reading list to expand the knowledge of young and old alike.  Link to other cams to enjoy the activities of Hanover’s bald eagle, Pitt’s eagle and peregrine falcon, and a woods cam in southwestern PA