Mensch Measure Designating April 8-14 as “Crime Victims’ Rights Week” Approved by Senate


Harrisburg – A measure sponsored by Sen. Bob Mensch (R-24) designating the week of April 8 through 14, 2018 as Crime Victims’ Rights Week in Pennsylvania was unanimously approved today by the Senate. 

Mensch noted that nearly 16 million Americans were victimized by crime in 2016, 5.7 million of whom were victims of violent crime. 

“The millions of survivors of crime and their families are no less deserving of justice, rights, resources, restoration and rehabilitation than the violent offenders who victimize them,” said Mensch. “The citizens of Pennsylvania realize that we can make our homes, neighborhoods, and communities safer and stronger by serving victims of crime and ensuring justice for all.”

The Office of Victims Advocate was established by the Pennsylvania General Assembly nearly 20 years ago to assist crime victims and promote justice and healing for all victims of crimes, Mensch said.

“Over the past two decades, crime victims and their advocates in every county of this Commonwealth have made unparalleled progress towards balancing the scales of justice in the criminal justice system,” said Mensch. “Crime Victims’ Rights Week will draw attention to this progress, as well as the need to do more to stand up for the victims of crime.”

Mensch is a strong supporter of a package of bills strengthening protections for victims of crime and ensuring that victims and their families are treated with respect and dignity by the criminal justice system.



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