News for Constituents

News for Constituents – 

June 3, 2016

Biking in PA Gets a Push

Are you looking for dedicated bike routes across Pennsylvania?  Turn to the new interactive biking map available through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Traffic volumes, speed limits, and trails through state parks, conservation districts, and state forests are among the informational resources available to support your biking needs.  Click on a trail for a pop-up showing miles, typography, and nearby towns.  Click on the tab at the bottom of an individual pop-up to display a map of your chosen trail.

VisitPA can further enhance your trip by highlighting the sights and sounds along the way, local attractions, food, and lodging.  Print a copy of the 40-page “Bicycling Directory of Pennsylvania” for use when off the beaten path to locate guidance, assistance, and information relating to each of the State’s eight geographical regions.



Safe Driving in Beautiful Amish Country

A beautiful landscape including Pennsylvania’s rich farmland may not be the only thing that lies just around the corner in Amish country, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Dark-colored horse-drawn carriages averaging less than 8 miles per hour should be anticipated in rural areas with cornfields, barns, and farm animals.  PennDOT is urging motorists to remain alert for the occasional buggy in more urban settings, as well.

Whether a tourist or a local resident, you may also find yourself “Sharing the Road” with farm machinery and construction equipment displaying a large orange triangle signaling to other motorists to slow down and exercise caution.

According to page 58 of the PA Driver’s Manual, “Sharing the Road” includes respecting the required space for horse-drawn vehicles.  Motorists are encouraged to review “Safe Driving in Amish Country” and the “Amish Horse and Buggy Manual, both developed by PennDOT to address carriage-involved crashes.

Qualifying Water Systems May Receive Free Professional Engineering Assistance 

Small and medium-sized public community and nonprofit non-community water systems may qualify for free professional engineering assistance for drinking water systems, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Capital improvement projects and consolidations with other systems may qualify for:

  • Investigations to determine the cause of the system technical issues;
  • Feasibility studies to determine the most feasible and cost-effective solution to addressing system technical problems;
  • Design work related to public water system facilities;
  • Construction and operational permit applications;
  • Preparation of funding applications for public water system construction projects; and,
  • Construction bid preparation and construction contractor procurement assistance.

A commitment to address system weaknesses, commitment to follow through with the project, and willingness to budget resources to sustain the designed project after construction are critical to qualify for the Professional Engineering Services Program administered by the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.


Made in PA

Where can you find bakers and brewers, chocolatiers and cheese producers, mixed in with motorcycles and Moravian pottery to be topped off by a fish hatchery?

More than 50 factories and manufacturers across PA open their doors to tours, showcasing the state’s industrial heritage.

Whether you spend an afternoon getting twisted up with a pretzel-making lesson or sniffing out your favorite scented candle, the Commonwealth’s businesses welcome locals and tourists to experience the high quality products Made in PA.

VisitPA can help you locate food, lodging and area attractions to complete your Made in PA experience.


Is it Really the IRS or the Pennsylvania Treasury? 

You filed your taxes and assume you are done with the Internal Revenue Service when the call comes.  The voice on the other end informs you the IRS is suing you for back taxes and this is your only chance to rectify the situation.

The caller demands immediate payment by credit card, specific gift cards, or a similarly odd method of payment, enabling you to allegedly avoid the humiliation and embarrassment of arrest for tax evasion.

Neither the IRS nor the Pennsylvania Treasury seeks payments over the phone.  Those entities encourage you to hang up and promptly contact your local authorities to report the suspicious call.  You may call the IRS at 800-829-1040 and the PA Department of Revenue at 717-787-8201 for questions related to your personal tax situation.

Cool Off With Wildlife at State Museum of Pennsylvania

When the heat drives you indoors, come to the State Museum of Pennsylvania where the focus is on wildlife and nature depicted in art.

Working Together for Wildlife: Three Decades of Pennsylvania’s Nature in Art,” is on exhibit through Sept. 11, featuring 34 original paintings by 19 Pennsylvania artists.

The collaborative exhibit begins with a competition hosted by the PA Game Commission, with winning art work incorporated into special edition prints and patches, the proceeds of which support the preservation and maintenance of PA’s wildlife.

Catch the Permanent Exhibits stretching from Memorial Hall on the first floor to special galleries on the second and Ecology Hall on the third floor.  Can’t make the trip anytime soon?  Visit the Online Exhibits from the comfort of your favorite chair.