Gov. Wolf Caves to Legislative Pressure, Opens Real Estate Statewide

Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) issued the following statement about Gov. Wolf’s veto of a bipartisan bill reopening real estate in Pennsylvania then subsequent solo action to allow it:

“It is disappointing that Governor Wolf continues to treat the General Assembly like an unofficial advisory board, rather than a co-equal branch of government. The Governor issuing new real estate guidelines – just a few hours after vetoing a bipartisan bill that would have done the same – is an incredible act of arrogance and hubris.

“If he had concerns about the bill, he should have made those concerns known sooner and worked with lawmakers to find solutions instead of dismissing all of the hard work that went into creating and amending the bill.

“The governor is not a king, and it is high time he stops acting like one.

Cooperation and compromise is the way the process has worked for hundreds of years; the facts do not change just because he has declared an emergency. A significant number of Pennsylvanians have endured incredible and needless hardships because of decisions that the Wolf Administration made completely on its own without consulting elected officials at any level of government.

“There are families of modest means who have been paying two mortgages during this crisis because they haven’t been able to sell their old home after buying a new one. Conversely, there are individuals and families who are forced to live in hotels – or worse – for months because they were unable to close on their new home after selling the old one.

“100 percent of the blame for these situations lies with Governor Wolf for making Pennsylvania the only state in the nation to shut down real estate sales, and it is troubling that it took him more than two months, countless letters and contacts, and numerous vetoed bills to finally get this one small thing right.”


Jenn Kocher