Corman Says ‘Fall Agenda’ Announcement Shows Governor Not Interested in Working with Legislature

(HARRISBURG) – Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-34) issued the following statement today after Governor Wolf revealed his “fall agenda” during a news conference.

“For more than six months, the Governor has lorded over Pennsylvania through Executive Order and today he wants to dictate to the legislature through press release. It appears as if the Governor is starting the fall campaign now after it’s become clear that legislative Democrats are feeling the pressure of Governor Wolf’s decisions to implement some of the most restrictive economic shutdown measures in the country and create an autocracy.

“Governor Wolf has not been in the Capitol in months. He has not even held a call with legislative leaders since July. The Governor is clearly not interested in governing. If he were, he would have reached out to legislative leaders at some point during the summer to discuss a fall agenda. Instead, he sends out a political document and takes partisan shots at elected officials.

“We continue to be open to productive discussions despite Governor Wolf’s priority of providing campaign cover for House and Senate Democrats instead of governing.”

Senate Republicans have shown through their accomplishments this year that they stand ready to confront the ongoing challenges of the state with a commitment to protecting public health and preserving civil liberties.


CONTACT: Jenn Kocher